Category: Wireless CCTV systems Published: Friday, 04 December 2015
Wireless CCTV system in a shop

The system uses wireless radio transmission of video and audio signals. The system allows to observe the object at a distance of several kilometers, without cable connections. Such observation system can protect your company from theft (including theft done by employees) and can help you recover lost propertied which value is much higer than the cost of CCTV system installation. It is possible to mask the cameras, making them invisible for outsiders. Recorded image may be the only source of information about the identity of criminals and can allow to recover lost property. Optionally, to store video and audio it is possible to use a personal computer and store the data received from the camera onto the hard drive. Installing the system is an advantage in negotiating insurance discounts.

Project assumptions:

The objectives of installing the system:

  • reduce losses caused by thefts by some customers or employees
    (deterrence effect)
  • identification after theft finding
  • identification of persons after the attack
  • reduction of physical security costs
  • deterrence of potential thieves and burglars
  • observation of store personnel

Means of protection:

  • transfer of camera image to the owner's home via radio link (without wires) at a distance up to 3 km
  • automatic registration of camera image on magnetic tape using a video recorder (VCR)
  • record of 24 hours of video image from up to 9 cameras (need to replace the tape after each day)

CCTV equipment:

  • black&white or colour cameras (up to 9 cameras)
  • transmitters and receivers for video and audio
  • transmitter and receiver antennas
  • multiplexer (optional): displaying the time and date on the image, detecting no image
  • monitor 14" or any other
  • DVR (digital video recorder) or PC
  • power supply for cameras
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