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Wireless alarm system in a small house

The project assumes only one zone, expandable to 4 zones ("zone" refers to premises switched on or off at a time). The system can include any number of detectors. You can expand the system with fire detectors. The system is very flexible, the detectors can be located anywhere. The only limitation is the distance of 40m from alarm switchboard. It may be reduced if the house has walls with steel reinforcement, or there are other steel partitions. The use of phone add-on device greatly increases the capabilities of the system. Freedom to record any voice messages makes it user-friendly. When an alarm occurs system automatically notifies via voice message up to 6 telephone numbers



Project assumptions:


Zone and detectors:

  • vestibule, lounge, garage, laundry room: PIR detectors - 4 pcs
  • entrance: detector of door opening - 1 pc



  • alarm switchboard: 15-980PKC1
  • control panel: remote control 1 pc
  • indicator 10 pcs
  • power supply: internal battery in the control unit, alcaline batteries in a remote control and detectors
    (Replacement every year).


Alarm indication:

  • external siren with optical indication (110dB).


Alarm notification:

  • transmission of an alarm information via a telephone line using a telephone adapter


System control:

  • coded remote control or a key to a control panel



  • automatic control of status of the alarm system, including a detection of detector damage or a battery depletion


Other functions:

  • "Panic alarm" triggered by control panel or remote control
  • memory of recent events
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