Category: Fire alarm systems Published: Friday, 04 December 2015
Addressable fire alarm system in a two-storey building

The project was developed in accordance with general regulations for this type of objects. The system is fully addressable, contains indicators of response at the entrance to each protected space. This enables the fastest location of the fire and quickly locate the damage to system components.



Project assumptions:

The objectives of installing the system:

  • quick notification of an outbreak of fire in the building

Detectors, indicators, alarm buttons:

  • Ground floor:
    • smoke detector (optical) - 11 pcs
    • indicator - 11 pcs
    • emergency button - 2 pcs
  • First floor:
    • smoke detector (optical) - 19 pcs
    • ndicator - 19 pcs
    • emergency button - 2 pcs


  • fire alarm panel: 2-loops (128 addresses each) and a LED indication of 16 zones
  • smoke detectors: addressable, processor optical detectors
  • manual emergency button: ROP, addressable, surface-mounted
  • power supply with power backup - battery 7.2 Ah

Alarm Indication:

  • external siren with optical indication (120dB) - 2 pcs
  • internal siren (105 dB) - 2 szt.
  • response indicators installed near smoke detectors (eg next to the rooms)

Technical data:

  • loop card can be configured as two loops of Class A or four lines of Class B
  • number of addressable devices in one loop: 128
  • loop overload current: 500mA
  • loop operating current: 100mA max
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