Category: Wireless CCTV systems Published: Friday, 04 December 2015
City monitoring

Project's description:

We present a conception of the vision surveillance system using 3 high-speed colour cameras and 1 static camera. Camera image in the on-line mode is transmitted to the monitoring center located e.g. in the office of the City-Guard and in parallel to the second location (e.g. a reception of a factory with 24h physical protection).

Transmission of the video signals from cameras and signals controlling cameras are ensured by 2 types of connections:

  • cable connection
  • radio connection (via multimedia video transmitters by a radio link using transceivers and direction antennas)

The second solution ensures cheap system exploitation without the necessity of renting telecommunication links or installing special wiring in the existing sewage system.

Computer system and appropriate software ensuring the remote surveillance of video transmitters is installed in the monitoring center.

It is worth noticing that the version with the PC computer with the image memory from the cameras on the hard drive beside other advantages characterizes the comfort of usage: the lack of daily tape exchange necessity, simple and fast finding particular moments in the recorded video.

We are ready to do a site inspection, prepare a project and specify an offer. The entire process, from initial clarifications to the system realization, can last not longer than 2 months.

We would like to mention that we installed such system in Bytom Odrzanski city. It has been working for a few years and brings measurable advantages by fairly low cost.

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