Category: Wired CCTV systems Published: Friday, 04 December 2015
Wired CCTV systm in a supermarket

Assumptions for the project:


  • decreasing of physical protection costs
  • scaring away potential intruders
  • thefts' decreasing caused by some clients or employees (deterrance effect)
  • identification after ascertaining a robbery

Protection means:

  • transmitting image from cameras to the duty-room equipped in a multi-zone monitor
  • recording of image from all cameras on the hard drive
  • quality of image requirements: - possibility of person identification during robbery, vandalism, etc.

Preview and control:

  • office or duty-room:
    • image preview from all cameras on the 15' computer monitor or showing image from the chosen camera on the screen
  • possibility of playback on the monitor screen
  • control of image recording on the hard drive
  • control of playback of recorded image
  • remote cameras preview from other computer

CCTV equipment:

  • black/white cameras - 4...16 pcs
  • Computer system with the following minimum parameters:
    • desktop PC with Pentium III 350 MHz CPU or faster (Pentium III 500 MHz CPU recommended)
    • Windows 98 operating system or higher
    • 64 MB RAM minimum, 128 MB recommended
    • 500 MB hard drive area for TCP/IP
    • 24 bit VGA card 8 MB RAM memory
    • microphone for sound recording
    • PCI port for attaching a video card
    • 33,6 K modem or faster
    • sound card or speakers for signalling sound alarm
    • TV card 15-DR004/4
    • power supply for the camera system
  • Software - attached to the TV card:
    • prepared for installing on the computer in the local station version
    • prepared for installing on the computer attached to the local network (PC 133MHz CPU or faster, Windows 95 or higher, 32 MB RAM minimum) in the remote station

System extension possibility:

  • Expanding the system by next 12 cameras by installing consecutive Video-cards (4 outputs each)

System control:

  • locally - automatic recording or manual control of the system functions with the use of mouse and keyboard
  • remote control - store work prewiew by connecting with the camera server from the computer installed in any point of the globe e.g. in the owner's house

Other functions:

  • possibility of detecting burglaries, alarms initiated by the movement in front of the camera etc.
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