Category: Wired CCTV systems Published: Saturday, 05 December 2015
Wired CCTV system at school

Assumptions for the project:


  • deterence of potential intruders from destroying the school property
  • eliminating losses caused by destroying walls, enclosure, devices installed on the school ground
  • eliminating losses caused by burglaries, robberies
  • recording of the movement of persons on the terrain on the school, especially at afternoon hours, in order to identify persons having inadequate influence on the students (drug dealers, hooligans)
  • decreasing of physical protection costs

Protection means:

  • constant ground observation by the TV camera system
  • showing the image from cameras on the screen of the definite computer
  • recording image from cameras on the hard drive
  • alarming with sound in case of movement detection
  • possibility of fast and simple playing back archival recordings
  • possiblity of informing assigned persons(units) about the movement detection in the chosen areas of camera operation via a phone

Image quality requirements:

  • person identification possibility, during committing vandalism, burglary, robbery etc.

Field lighting:

  • constant lighting in the chosen parts of the supervised area
  • lamp set containing movement sensors located along the enclosure and turning on automatically after detecting movement (option)

Camera surveillance zones:

  • 4 cameras located on the building and observing the terrain directly adjoining to the building
  • possibility of expanding the system to 16 cameras (option)
  • system preview and control (headmaster's office or reception desk)
  • image preview from all cameras on the computer monitor
  • possiblity of playback of archival recordings
  • control over recorded image on the hard drive

CCTV equipment:

  • black/white cameras - 4 pcs
  • power supply for the camera system
  • computer system with the following minimum parameters:
    • PC computer with Pentium III 500 MHz CPU or faster (Pentium III 750 MHz CPU recommended)
    • Windows 98 operating system or higher,
    • minimum 64 MB RAM, 128 MB recommended
    • 10Gb of free place on the hard drive
    • 24 bit VGA card with 8 MB RAM memory
    • microphone for sound recording
    • PCI port for attaching a TV card
    • 33,6 K modem or faster (option)
    • sound card and speakers for signalling sound alarm
    • TV card with 4 inputs


  • server
  • workstation
  • remote workstation (TCP/IP)
  • remote workstation (modem)

Other functions:

  • alarm generation
  • automatic recording
  • securing cameras from being stolen or devastated (attaching cameras to the alarm system of the school)
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