Category: Wired alarm systems Published: Thursday, 03 December 2015
Wired alarm system in a small house

Assumptions for the project:

Security zones and sensors:

  • Zone 1
    • vestibule, living room, stairs - PIR motion detectors - 3 pcs
    • entrance - door detector - 1 pc
  • Zone 2 - for use in the future


  • alarm switchboard CA6:
    • 2 zones
    • CA 6
    • switchboard case

Powers supply of the system:

  • power supply with backup power

Alarm indication:

  • external siren with optical indication (110dB)

Alarm notification:

  • transmission of alarm information via a telephone line

System handling:

  • Independent passwords for 13 users with various access rights


  • automatic control of alarm system operation, including the detection
    of detector's failure

Other functions:

  • answering the phone and informing about the state of the system
  • remote servicing of the system using computer with a modem
  • possibility of remote control of locks, lighting and other equipment from the keypads
  • able to initiate alarms PANIC, FIRE and HELP from a keypad
  • memory of the last 255 events storing information about turning on/off the system, alarms, troubles, etc. with the date and time of occurrence and the user's identification number
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